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    I get so many people asking me how I eat healthy or how to start eating healthy and I figured it was about time to post a few of the tricks and things I have learned along my own journey that has worked for me. Keep in mind that I am human and I have fallen off the wagon a few times (when I fractured my foot, got the flu, etc.) However, changing your diet and excising on a regular basis does absolute wonders for not only your self esteem but your whole life. I don’t claim to be a fitness expert or a health guru. Just someone like you that was unhappy with herself and has learned some ways to fix that.

    1. Grocery Shopping

    • Stick to the outside of the store- I never even go down the middle isles unless I need some spices or certain things. Other than that I stick to the fresh produce, fruits, and other goodies on the outside aisles. Not only does this help keep you on track with buying the good stuff, but also cuts your shopping time in half!
    • Stay away from boxed and frozen- Before I started eating better the majority of the food I ate came in a box. Hamburger helpers, instant meals, things like that. Once I cut those out completely, the weight started coming off and the energy came back. Im sure you know by now that boxed foods and instant meals are loaded with processed ingredients and are far from the fresh approach you want to achieve. Full of processed sugars, artificial flavoring, and and ungodly amount of bad carbs these types of quick meals are dangerous to a healthy lifestyle. Even the frozen dinners that claim to be for dieting are full of preservatives and ingredients that are less than nice to our body. I don’t even like frozen vegetables unless I froze them myself at home. Stay away! Stick to the stuff that will end up in your refrigerator and not your cabinet for weeks.
    • If you don’t buy it, you wont eat it-One trick that I learned from some good ole trial and error was this one. Now some of you may have a more extensive amount of self control. However, if you are just starting out on cutting the bad foods and drinks from your life the temptation of that pack of Oreo’s that you bought for “special occasions” sitting in your cabinet will become way too enticing a week into a cold turkey vegetable fest. Trust me. I ate an entire bag one week in. If you don’t buy the food you wont eat it. You will be stuck to make due with the refrigerator drawer overflowing with kale and spinach. Once it becomes habit, it will be much easier to buy these things for those occasions, but trust me. Just don’t buy the stuff until you are buying your child a happy meal and don’t buy yourself anything because you want to go home and make a salad. That day will come, promise :)
    • Water, water, water, water-Stock up on it. It will be your saving grace. in reference to the above tip, I don’t even buy cokes anymore. Especially not diet. I used to buy cokes for when I had friends over so that I could offer them something other than water or a protein shake, but quickly discovered that if it was there, I would drink it. Again, hold off until drinking water becomes habit. 

    What to eat:

    • Now this one I am going to answer in one big thing, because everyone is different. Everyone likes certain things, and everyone’s bodies adapt different ways. I remember when I first started this journey I was so confused as to what to listen to. 

      "Should I go Gluten Free? What about Low-Carb? Hmmm….maybe I should count calories only? What the hell is Quinoa?" and so on.

      In today’s society there are an ungodly amount of diets out there. I tried a few of them and nothing felt right. I even considered “magic pills” when I got so frustrated at it all. One day though after doing a massive amount of research I put together my own way of EATING. Notice I said eating, not dieting. A diet is meant o be a temporary solution to a lifetime problem. You can diet for a couple of weeks but once you’re done, it’s right back to filling your body with the trash you had before and you start back in the same place. In the most simplest form I was able to plan out my eating habits:
    • Lots of protein (For me I eat only chicken. other types of meat pack more fat. I have tried some ground turkey lately)
    • Lots of fresh vegetables (Fresh as in not frozen, not canned)
    • Lots of fresh fruit
    • No condiments. They can be replaced with others things! (Mayo<Greek Yogurt, Butter<Olive oil, Ranch Dressing<Vinaigrette)
    • Water. (At least three liters a day)

      These are the basics I go by. I substitute lots of things. Almond milk instead of whole milk. Spinach instead of Romaine lettuce. Things like that. I learned all this from research, so do your research! But honestly if you keep in mind those basics along with the fact that there are good and bad carbs, and good and bad fats…You’ll be able to really grow from there! 

    Society tried to make eating healthy eating a difficult and confusing process but it’s really not. Pinterest is my best friend! The recipes on there is where I get most of my stuff from and it’s wonderful. If you are busy, learn to meal prep. Invest in making these changes ON TOP OF EXERCISING and you will see such an amazing difference. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there is nothing wrong with a cheat meal. Set your mind to change, and you will. 


    Here are some phone pics of my sleeping arrangement for the past few days (living outdoors is the best)